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loving life

and the possibilities that come with each new day!

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Meet Leslie

Leslie M. Hardy is a fun-loving woman of faith, proud mother of an adult son, a mental health professional, certified healing and transformation coach, speaker, and entrepreneur.       


Three-time self-published author, Ms. Hardy has shared in and consulted on multiple film and production projects, including the multiple award winning 2022 independent short film, “Grief” by Tailiah Breon.    


Having served as a licensed psychotherapist for almost three decades, Ms. Hardy is passionate about educating, equipping, and inspiring others to shift mindsets, create transformational change, and live and love better, starting with themselves.    


When she is not working Ms. Hardy enjoys time with family and friends, dancing, road trips, attending sporting events, concerts, and the arts, reading great books and perhaps most favored of all – “ocean therapy” (i.e. time at the beach)!

I am a woman of Faith who believes:
  • If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

  • If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

  • If you want something different, you must be willing to change.

  • If you think you can or that you can’t, you’re right!


This has been the course of my life….a series of opportunities to discover, choose, develop, and fulfill my purpose as I exercise my faith, power and authority in the earth.  


This is in essence the definitive sense of being for which we all long.  My journey through life has been the process which has informed and fueled who I am today and what I am inspired to do.

I believe we are all created to be “Successful”; that is, to “realize and walk in our purpose; to live life fulfilled”.  Like many of you, I have experienced life’s terrains and am still in the process of becoming my “next level” best, which encompasses the fulfillment of my purpose.  


Along the way I have accumulated a wealth of training, knowledge, and experiences in helping others develop, grow and transform their lives into the best they are called to be.

In turn, I have been able to impact various entities including government and religious organizations, non-profits, mental health facilities and private businesses through my work with them.  


The integration of my understanding of the mind, human behavior, spiritual and other principles have enhanced my ability to implement strategies and techniques for individuals as well as groups.  I’ve enjoyed helping people and organizations in various capacities, whether it is through counseling, coaching, training, speaking or consulting.

The culmination of my vast personal and professional experiences have resulted in the writing and publication of my first of many books, Prepared for a Purpose – Embrace the Process, with its focus being mindset, personal development and inner healing.

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I am excited to embark upon this season of life as I live out my best days!  When I am not intentionally helping others in the fulfillment of their destinies, I am loving life, having fun with my family and friends, dining out, attending sporting and entertainment events, traveling and partaking in my own “ocean therapy”.

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