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Welcome Friends

I am excited to announce the official launch of my latest book..


Embrace the Process


"Prepared for a Purpose - Embrace the Process:  A Guided Journal" is designed to help you gain insight and self-awareness into who you are that you might identify and reframe your life experiences as opportunities that serve to empower you toward attaining your goals and destiny.  


The journal serves as a great supplemental tool to Ms. Hardy's book "Prepared for a Purpose - Embrace the Process," as well as an impactful, independent resource for anyone seeking to gain insight, healing, and transformational change.    

The book, "Prepared for a Purpose - Embrace the Process", explores the development of your mindset, beliefs, and choices to help enlighten and evoke you to redefine and process past pain points to propel you forward, in purpose.  


Both are excellent resources to equip you to pivot and progress forward toward becoming a more authentic version of your best self to live more fulfilled.  




A Guided Journal


"prepared for a purpose"

Embrace the Process

purchase the bundle of both books and receive 10% off!

About the Author

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Leslie M. Hardy is a fun-loving woman of faith, proud mother of an adult son, a mental health professional, certified healing and transformation coach, speaker, and entrepreneur.       


Three-time self-published author, Ms. Hardy has shared in and consulted on multiple film and production projects, including the multiple award winning 2022 independent short film, “Grief” by Tailiah Breon.    


Having served as a licensed psychotherapist for almost three decades, Ms. Hardy is passionate about educating, equipping, and inspiring others to shift mindsets, create transformational change, and live and love better, starting with themselves.    


When she is not working Ms. Hardy enjoys time with family and friends, dancing, road trips, attending sporting events, concerts, and the arts, reading great books and perhaps most favored of all – “ocean therapy” (i.e. time at the beach)!

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