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One of the practical and beneficial things about life is hindsight.  Hindsight is the understanding of a situation or event only after it has occurred.  This point of reflection – hindsight - offers insight to understand your past, how your thoughts, beliefs, previous experiences, and behaviors have been instrumental in shaping who you are today. 


Everything that has happened prior to now is history and can’t be changed.  What can change however is how you understand and embrace your past and whether or not you learn from it.  I encourage you to allow the past to be the mirror of opportunity to look back over your life, reflect, learn from the experiences, and embrace them as lessons to create your Now experiences.  That’s wisdom!  It is from that vantage point where the value of the past is gleaned.   


It’s time to take a closer look into who you are and identify the lessons to build upon as you consider how to move forward.  The better you know and understand yourself the more readily you can make deliberate decisions to become who you want and need to be.


"Prepared for a Purpose - Embrace the Process: A Guided Journal" – The Journal is designed to guide you through the process of introspection and self-discovery as you work through a series of exercises to intentionally learn more about who you are today.  It is an interactive resource that aids in clarity, challenging and dismantling limiting beliefs, and ultimately facilitating forward progress in your becoming a better, more authentic version of who you desire to be now, and align with the goals you have yet to attain.      

"EMBRACE THE PROCESS" - A Guided Journal

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