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Everything starts with a thought. So, what are you thinking? What "habits of thought" do you ponder on a regular basis?What stories have you been rehearsing in your thought life that constantly plays out in what you do in your day-to-day life? How does your narrative impact you? What feelings do these stories evoke within you?


Do you find yourself spinning your mental wheels...pondering the pains of the past, being paralyzed in your present or seemingly forfeiting your desired future? It’s been stated, "Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about."


In Prepared for a Purpose – Embrace the Process, Leslie Hardy highlights how our experiences, thoughts and beliefs, and subsequent choices and actions culminate into the lives we live as our present realities. Exploring the magnitude of the mind, the power of personal choice, and faith, Ms. Hardy uses stories from her life and those of others to illustrate, encourage, and equip you to: - understand the correlation between your thought life, beliefs, choices, and life outcomes; - gain valuable insight into your own life - guiding you to evaluate, challenge and begin to change; - take definitive steps to move in the direction you desire; - accept and embrace your own process.


Prepared for a Purpose – Embrace the Process is an inspired writing to implore us to embrace life experiences as divine opportunities to learn, gain valuable, experiential knowledge in our discovery of who we are and have been created to be as we grow into who we need to be in the fulfillment of our purpose - an inherent process of life.


“You can’t separate who you are from what you do. So learn, grow, and choose to embrace the process of life as you purpose to know how to be you well.” ~ Leslie

"PREPARED FOR A PURPOSE" - Embrace the Process

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